Scuby Here


Scuby here. I be loving me some VSR. They rescued me when I was a young pup and saved my life. I was dumped at a park and was really sick and couldn’t walk. The VSR volunteers loved me and got me the help I needed so that I could get healthy and adopted. If it weren’t for the VSR I am not sure where I would be today. Now I live with my Furrr-ever family and I am getting stronger and healthier. I live with my humans and my German Shepherd brother Zen, who’s 9, and my Beagle Sister Fudge, who is 11. 

I love my furrr-ever family and am living the best life ever. But I owe it all to the VSR for rescuing me and I will be forever grateful. So remember, when adding an animal to your family, make adoption your first option. 


Vegas Shepherd Rescue

About Us

We at Vegas Shepherd Rescue started saving homeless, lost and unwanted shepherds as a labor of love for this amazing breed. We consider VSR as a halfway house, and each dog’s time here is a stepping stone to the perfect forever family.  Each shepherd we bring in is treated and loved as if it is one of our personal dogs. We treat their medical needs and work on behavioral issues before they leave us to go to their forever homes. 

Founded in 2012, to date VSR has saved almost 600 german shepherds. We look forward to saving the next shepherds in need. Because there’s no better feeling than when we send each shepherd to their forever home, telling them it's time to “wag on.”

Shari DaleDirector of Adoptions
Vegas Shepherd Rescue

Saving one dog 
Will not change the world
But surely for that one dog
The world is changed forever.   ~Unknown

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