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Dog Hero


Savannah is a red Doberman, who is a rescue girl, therapy dog and also a "tripod". 

What I know about Savannah is she came into a shelter in California already missing her right front leg, and her left shoulder was broken. Of course a dog in that condition doesn't stand much of a chance of making it out of the shelter alive and that is when Doberman Rescue of Nevada was contacted. They drove to California to get Savannah and brought her to West Flamingo Veterinarian Clinic where she was cared for by Dr. Ensign and staff. It was determined that surgery on her left shoulder would not be necessary and that she needed three months of strict crate rest to heal. She spent two months at the vet in a cage resting and by the third month she needed to be in a home and around people to finish her recuperation. In June of 2012, we took Savannah into our home to complete a month of healing and then she would find her forever home. When her month with us was up, we had become very attached and protective over our bundle of red fur and decided that we didn't want to let her go, so the adoption was finalized in September of 2012. 

When Savannah first came to our home, she was a little grumpy with the rest of our pack but we knew that once she felt better she would be just fine with the three other dogs in our home. We have a mixed breed dog named Winston who has become her best buddy and they hang out and play all of the time. Savannah can even dig holes in the back yard, using her nose to balance and her one front leg to dig. She is fearless and jumps on furniture, she runs and plays with the other dogs like she has four legs and does not let her disability stop her from doing what she wants to do. Often times we say we are glad she doesn't have four legs! She has been more than gracious to the foster dogs that come into our home and accepts them as a part of the pack until they leave for their forever homes.

Savannah soon enrolled in doggie obedience classes to brush up on her manners and in January of 2013, she became a certified therapy dog. She did some visiting at Nathan Adelson Hospice but the long walk into the building from the parking lot and the long and slippery hallways weren't a good fit for this tripod. Soon, she found her niche at The Caring Place Nevada. She visits monthly and works with children that have cancer or have a family member affected by cancer. She has been visiting faithfully for the past four years and loves the kids. She also visits with the adults who come with the kids, hangs out and gets a lot of attention which she loves. One day while visiting at The Caring Place, a young boy asked me what happened to Savannah's leg. I replied that I didn't know and he came right back with this...."I think her leg fell off"...……...out of the mouths of babes!

Since we do not know exactly how old Savannah is, we estimate her to be about 8-9 years of age now. She's getting gray in her muzzle and a bit of arthritis but she keeps on going. She has taught me so much about life and over coming a disability and living your life to the fullest. 

dog with a job

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In Memory of



Klaus and I adopted Cheyenne on January 26, 2009 in Gardnerville, NV. She was approximately 2 years old, turned in by someone who apparently found her on the streets. She was full of milk, with no puppies to be found. She was a classic dark sable with beautiful amber eyes. Klaus had grown up with German Shepherds, but I had never had one, although they were my favorite breed growing up and I promised myself someday I would have one. Cheyenne was an alpha female but despite this, her and our resident female Chesapeake Bay retriever, Abby, became very close buds. Cheyenne was German Shepherd through and through. She taught me everything about the breed, particularly the traits of the dark sables, who tend to be ESPECIALLY OCD! She was obsessed with her frisbee and learned how to love to swim. Cheyenne was our backpacking girl and once hiked over 30 miles with us on a 5 day backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps. She loved every person she met, including babies and small children; she loved all dogs (big and small); she got along well with cats. On Halloween, she greeted all the trick or treaters at the door and would give them sweet kisses, if the kids were brave enough to approach. Four years before her death this January, Cheyenne was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. In typical Cheyenne fashion, she fought the fight with tenacity. When the end came, she let me know it was time. I had promised her the day she couldn’t hike anymore that I would honor her by letting her go. She is my heart and my soul. She touched everyone she met, two and four legged! There are so many wonderful pictures of my dark beauty, but this one is one of my favorites. It speaks volumes. She had just gotten done swimming at Whiskeytown, chasing her frisbee. Truly in her element.