Lily's Memorial

4/27/2007 - 11/25/2018

Lily was smart, sweet, loving and totally focused on loving me. I saw her picture on The Animal Foundation website and went immediately the next morning to adopt her. When she woke up and turned around and looked at me it was love at first sight. We were getting ready to celebrate our seventh "Gotcha Day" here in a few weeks but fast, aggressive Lymphoma decided otherwise. I was so blessed by her love. My heart goes out in gratitude to Dr. Jessica and Mary who held us in dignity and great love.

Deb Morris

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 26, 2018

Lap of Love

Scuby's Pick for Dog Hero

Lexi Ann Morris and Lily Fa Pooch

Hi, Friends! 

I am Lexi Ann Morris and this is my sister, Lily Fa Pooch. We were both rescued by our Momma, Deb Morris. Momma rescued Lily in January of 2012 and she rescued me on January 30, 2015. I am about fourteen years old and Lily is about eleven years old. We are old! We were both abandoned at local shelters and were taken care of by wonderful, local organizations that rescue animals. For that, we are forever grateful! Thank you, Animal Foundation and Nevada SPCA Dewey Shelter for rescuing us and giving us another chance! Did you know that I am completely blind? I was abandoned by my owner at the shelter the day after Christmas and I was blind, scared and heartbroken. I was a very loved dog, my Momma could tell that much! When she got me home, she held me for a while and then fed me and gave me a soft bed to sleep on. During the night, I crawled into bed with her, laid myself across her chest and told her all about what had happened. I cried and howled and cried some more and I held my Momma very close. Now that I'm getting older my health isn't so good but I still enjoy life. I love to sleep, eat and be with my sister. My Momma had me tested and I am 5/8 Beagle, 1/8 Chow, 1/8 Greyhound and the rest is a mix of really interesting dogs! My Momma calls me her "Beagle Chow-hound" because I love to eat so much! I sound like a vacuum cleaner when I eat! Momma also calls me "Punkin" because I am kind of orange, like a pumpkin. My sister, Lily Fa Pooch, is a purebred Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She was abandoned at a shelter around Christmas time in 2011. When our Momma got Lily, she was very fat and very scared but was trying to act nonchalant about everything. She wouldn't bark for months after Momma brought her home, all Momma could figure was that Lily was afraid that she would take her back and she loved Momma and the two old boy rescue dogs Momma had at that time (they have crossed over The Bridge and one of them was 1/2 GSD). Lily eventually figured out that Momma was never going to let her go and she is very happy. While Momma let me keep my name.....the shelter thought this would help me because I'm blind.....she renamed Lily. She named her after a racehorse who is called "Lilly Fa Pootz". Momma thought it would be cute to change the name a little bit so Lily has a very French-sounding name for a very Canadian/English dog! When Momma had to be gone for ten days back in 2017, when our Gramma passed away, our neighbor took care of us so that we could stay in our own house and not be scared. Our neighbor said that I did fine but that Lily wouldn't eat and was constantly looking for Momma! Our neighbor laughed and said that "As long as Lexi eats, sleeps and goes potty she is happy!". Anyway, let me finish telling you about my sister, Lily! Lily loves to go on long walks and to the dog park and going in the car but her most favorite thing in the world is TOYS. She LOVES squeaky dog toys! She takes care of her toys and never lets Momma out of her sight. I always let Momma out of my sight because I can't see her! LOL! BOL! We are very honored to be featured on Scuby's page. We don't feel like heroes, we are really pretty spoiled and are very blessed that our Momma came and adopted us and gave us such a wonderful life even though we went through a lot of sadness before. We love everyone, especially people who rescue animals and animals who help others.