Scuby the Farting HOT DOG Gets Rescued


Find out where Scuby came from in his first book.

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Scuby the Farting HOT DOG Goes to the Animal Hospital


Scuby has an exciting challenge and meets new friends.

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After adopting Scuby from the VSR, our lives changed forever and our adventure started. He has inspired us to “Give Back” to the animal rescues and our community. Scuby continues to give us ideas and keeps our creative juices flowing. Our adventure first started when Scuby inspired Cray Cray to write children's books that are also dog books. Through his books, “Scuby The Farting Hot Dog”, he hopes to help children overcome their fears and difficult experiences that are similar to his situations. He is also creating the books to give a portion of the profits back to the VSR. When you purchase the books, or any other merchandise we will have on the website in the future, we will be donating 30% of the profit back to the Vegas Shepherd Rescue.

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